Frequently Asked Questions

At the heart of the customer – business relationship, Manicards is a loyalty system unique in the world that gives each holder of a loyalty card a simple, quick and useful look at his relationship with the businesses he frequents.

1. Why Manicards?

With the loyalty card of Manicards, you can, from a single card, separately build a special relationship with several different businesses that have nothing in common.

Take full advantage of everything that every trader offers you: you will not lose any more inattention; the Manicards app instantly provides you with a summary of your earnings for each product you have consumed. You are also warned if your advantage (gain, reduction) is about to disappear.

2. Can i use Manicards to find promotional deals?

Manicards’ various platforms (application, website) make it easy to find the product or service (care and beauty, food, car or household service, etc.) that corresponds to your current needs. Manicards gives you access every day, to all offers and discounts corresponding to your needs in your direct environment.

3. Is Manicards application available on most plateforms ?

Yes, Manicards application is available on Android and iOS. You can install Manicards from Google Play or App Store